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Dr. Edge Winemaking

2022 'Tyrannosaurus dREDge' - Pinot Meunier (750ml)

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Dr Edge 'Tyrannosaurus dREDge'  is a blend of two Pinot Meunier Vineyards from Pipers Brook and Derwent Valley regions in Tasmania.   Fermented on skins for one week, they were pressed to old oak casks to dry out and relax for two months, then blended and bottled without filtration. A dash (like 2%) of Pinot Noir is in there for extra roar. 

Tyrannosaurus dREDge is the old dinosaur of the wine industry that a younger co-worker accused me of being last year. I took it personally and here we are. 

'Grimlock' - Artwork created by Boris Tellegen aka 'Delta.' - Look him up. So lucky to have his blessing here. 

12.5% Alc. ****A less than 6 bottle cart will attract a standard Australian domestic shipping fee of $15.